Belgium confused: Not Snelle or Emma Heesters, but the ex-politician (68) achieves summer results |  show

Belgium confused: Not Snelle or Emma Heesters, but the ex-politician (68) achieves summer results | show

Belgium has been turned on its head after the results of the summer 2022 elections were announced on Flemish radio this weekend. The award was won not by a young Belgian or Dutch talent like Snelle, Emma Heesters or Jaap Reesema, but 68-year-old Margriet Hermans, who has been much busier in politics in recent years.

First some context. The Zomerhit competition, which has been taking place since 1973, is big in Belgium. Flemish public radio broadcasts the live event from the beach in Blankenberge. Last Saturday was the most watched program on Flemish television. All the great artists are participating and there was a disappointment in K3 in advance, because with their song mango mango He did not reach the last ten.

Before that, the battle seemed to be going on between two songs, especially if you look at the success on the Belgian charts. Snel was our favorite Dutchman because of his collaboration with Metejoor for Look at us now. was the other competitor #Like meSuperstar Pommelien Thijs with her song abnormal. In Holland, we know her mainly from the duet she made with Jaap Resima (Now that we don’t talk anymore). Of course there were strangers too. It was the same as Yap Recima in the race with Lea Rue with red code. Emma Hesters, who had to miss the live show due to audio issues, also made for her song gravity With chance Reggie.

The Flemish Parliament

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But she became Margaret Hermans. She recorded a number of hit songs in the 80s and 90s, but since the beginning of this century she has been mainly occupied with a political career. She was in the Flemish Parliament for ten years. After her political career, she became a famous television face and appeared as a jury member in the Flemish film. the smartest person But she did little to sing.

Read more under Margaret Hermans’ performance video:

She only came back to her singing career when she participated in it love musicknown in the Netherlands as best singers. She performed magic in this broadcast She’s chasing my piano From the formation of Eurodance 2Fabiola to tot Enjoy your stay Including accompanying dance. A huge success, as it turned out this weekend in Blankenberge, where everyone enthusiastically participated in a steam train-like movement.

But Hermann’s victory was completely unexpected. “What’s going on?” Hermann said shortly after the announcement. I’m so happy! I can still experience this in my lifetime. Margriet’s revival is really complete with this. I’ve already had a very busy summer and a very busy autumn coming up. I’m disciplined and want to I’m able to finish all of those shows well. So there’s no way to slow down.”


The audience and the artists were confused at first. Pomlin Theiss looked at her fellow musicians with an open mouth. But sympathy soon triumphs over astonishment, and there is enthusiastic applause for the chief artist. Young fans, who traveled specifically to Pommelien, Snelle and Metejoor, also applauded for Hermans.

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