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news item | 2022-04-14 | 17:08

On April 19, 2022, delegations from the Dutch and Belgian governments will meet in Ghent for the so-called Thalassa Consultation. These consultations aim to further enhance cross-border cooperation and clarify the close relationship between the Netherlands and Belgium.

During the public meeting, there are three main themes: safety, resilience, sustainability and cross-border cooperation. Prior to the joint meeting, ministers and state ministers of the two countries held bilateral consultations on various issues, including security, defense, justice, sustainability and mobility.

It is the fourth time that the Netherlands and Belgium have met in this way. Thalassa Consulting owes its name to the ship on which the consultations first took place in 2003.

In addition to Prime Minister Rutte and Belgian Prime Minister de Croo, participants in the consultation are from the Netherlands:

  • Hoekstra Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Defense Minister Olungren
  • Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Adriaansens
  • Justice and Security Minister Yechiljuz Zegerios
  • Minister Bruins Slot for Interior and Kingdom Relations
  • Minister Harbers of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Minister of Education, Culture and Science Djgraf
  • Minister of Climate and Energy Cetin
  • Minister of State van der Burgh for Justice and Security
  • Heijinn State Minister for Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Minister of State for Kingdom Affairs and Digitization in Hoflin
  • Minister of State for Financial Affairs, Tax Administration and Customs

On the Belgian side, these are:

  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Affairs, Foreign Trade, and Federal Cultural Institutions
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Employment Dorman
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice and the North Sea in Quickenborn
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in Bettigum
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Gilkinet Mobility
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister de Sutter for the Civil Service, Public Institutions, Telecommunications and Post
  • Defense Minister Dedonder
  • Home Secretary Verlinden, Institutional Reform and Democratic Renewal
  • Minister of Climate, Environment, Sustainable Development and the Green Deal
  • Energy Minister van der Straiten
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Mahdi for Asylum and Immigration
  • Minister of State Schlitz, for Gender Equality, Equality of Opportunity and Diversity
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