Belbus: Bennekom comfortable seats and no standing on the chair – exit

Belbus: Bennekom comfortable seats and no standing on the chair – exit


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Roel will purchase a standing chair from Zitcomfort Bennekom in 2021. Roel can enjoy his chair for two years, until suddenly it starts making suspicious noises. The chair squeaks on all sides when it rises. Fortunately, it has a three-year warranty period. But unfortunately, Zitcomfort Bennekom doesn't seem to be taking those three years seriously…

Endless bubbles

In August, the chair begins to creak. Rowell reported the problem to Zitcomfort immediately, but the chair was not repaired until 4 months and endless phone calls later. The Roel chair will have a completely new interior, so you can assume it will now last a long time. Despite the long wait, he is happy to be able to use the chair again. But Rowell cheers too soon. The chair breaks again after two weeks.

Ruel frequently calls and emails Zitcomfort again, but is not helped properly. Zitcomfort either doesn't answer the phone or tells Roel they'll call him back, but then he doesn't. After much insistence, Ruel at least got a loan chair from the company, but you guessed it: there's something wrong with that, too. It has no standing mechanism at all. Beautiful work, comfortable seating.

There is no standing mechanism

Well, now Rowell still doesn't have a functional standing chair. Zitcomfort suggests sending a technician on April 8 to repair the chair. But should Rowell rely on that after all this Zitcomfort nonsense? Go to Bennekom for the story.

Sitting comfort

A Zitcomfort lawyer contacts us along the way. The company does not want to respond to the camera. They want to find a solution. Rowell will receive the full €1,750 and can keep the chair if he wishes. If not, they will come pick it up. We don't like it when the company doesn't want to respond on camera, but this solution is something that we naturally make Rowell very happy with.

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