Marinus Bee neemt voorzitterschap DNA over

Bees: Patience and faith are necessary to get out of the crisis

DNA President Marinus Bee is aware of the problems plaguing the community. “We all know the prices in stores and the state of the exchange rate in Suriname,” says the speaker. But to fix these things, the economy must be restored. This takes time and faith. You can demolish a house in one day. But you can’t rebuild it in one day. It will take some time.”

So Bee calls on the community to be patient. The economy has fallen into a huge hole and we need time to get out of that hole. So we ask for a little patience to get out, but besides patience also faith. This is how we go through together.”

The government of Suriname has entered into an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that will help restore the financial and economic situation. But this must be done even without IMF support. With or without the IMF, what has not gone well in recent years should be restored. Yu or Abe Fu Nian Bikinsu Beta to come out.”

The recovery plan is one of the tools to make the financial and economic situation healthy again. The plan is available to anyone who wants to learn more about the procedures. In the coming days, Parliament will discuss the recovery plan.

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