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Linux doesn’t lock down the root account as tightly as Windows does with the kernel these days.

If you were to think of such reason, I would argue that Windows doesn’t know the equivalent of a “root” account in Linux (Unix) at all. Under Windows, you have a number of accounts with elevated rights such as Administrator and System, but even these accounts do not have unlimited access. For example, certain parts of the registry are protected for the administrator account. You can get to it yourself, but it takes more work. Keep in mind that my knowledge of Windows extends back to and includes Windows 7, but I have no reason to assume that Microsoft has started offering less protection in Windows, but more.

On the other hand, getting things installed on root takes some work – it’s not like Windows is doing a one-button privilege escalation.

Uhm… Type ‘sudo -i’, enter your password, and if you have the correct permissions, you are ‘root’, no further work is required.

You also have to make sure that the cheat has the correct read and write permissions on both the root account and user account level, and surely if someone is using EXT as a folder structure instead of for example NTFS you are a bit more interested in getting the right permissions.

this is not true. The user “root” has unlimited read and write permissions on the system, regardless of the permissions on a directory or file.

In addition, there are more than 10 different folder structures possible, and you all have to take that into account. Good luck, may God bless you?

what do you mean by that? There are indeed slight differences in directory structures between different Linux distributions, but they are too few to be relevant to this story.

Sure, cheating on Linux is possible, but for many cheat makers, it just isn’t worth it.

In the end, of course, cheating is not about the operating system you’re on, it’s about things in the game that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Perhaps the problem is that most people play on Windows and this cheat software is also developed on that. If in the future it turns out that cheating on Linux with Proton becomes a lot easier than it is on Windows, I really think that there will be a shift in that. However, I don’t think/hope that’s the case.

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