> China considers Tlas a spy> China considers Tlas a spy

China considers Tesla to be spies

China has temporarily banned military personnel and some other government officials from driving a Tesla. Teslas have also been banned from or near military installations, other sensitive sites, and even some residential areas.

According to Chinese authorities, Tesla’s eight outdoor cameras can always transmit information collected via Sentry Mode to the car company and also across that line to “enemy” such as defense in the United States. Information sent to passengers’ cell phones over these lines may also leak. This was created after a new safety check for cars.


CEO Elon Musk dismisses the allegations: “We have every reason to handle the information with the utmost confidentiality.” Musk said during a high-tech forum, “If Tesla is going to use cars to spy in China or anywhere else, we will shut our doors.”


Tesla sold 147,445 new cars in China last year, about 30 percent of global sales. Many of these cars were also built at the Chinese gigafactory plant in Shanghai that opened last year. However, the US auto manufacturer faces increasing competition from national brands such as Geely, BYD and Aoyes. In this sense, a little anti-government propaganda will not hurt, a potential line of thought in Beijing.

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