AT&T scores with HBO Max video streaming service

Communications and entertainment group AT&T has 47 million subscribers in the United States with video streaming service HBO Max and payment channel HBO. That’s just over 3 million compared to the end of the first quarter. Worldwide, the channels and HBO’s streaming service, which should rival, for example, Disney, Netflix and Amazon, have 67.5 million users and AT&T expects this to reach 73 million by the end of this year.

AT&T doesn’t provide individual numbers for HBO Max, which makes it difficult to compare numbers. But many consumers tend to subscribe to a streaming service more than a payment channel. Therefore HBO Max is seen as important to the future of the group.

With these new subscribers, the costs of expensive entertainment products must be offset. HBO is best known for series like Succession and Mare of Easttown. AT & T’s regular television service customers continued to decline. Therefore, AT&T has partnered with investor TPG, its DirectTV television service. Its entertainment subsidiary, Time Warner, which also includes HBO, will merge with Discovery, the parent company of Discovery Channel, TLC and Eurosport, among others.

AT&T has been able to attract mobile customers with competitive offers for free phones. This should be compensated for by retaining these customers for a longer period of time for profitable 5G services. The group is also spending a lot of money on expanding the 5G network in the US.

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