At least 51 killed and dozens injured in a Taiwan train accident |  right Now

At least 51 killed and dozens injured in a Taiwan train accident | right Now

At least 51 people were killed in a train accident in Taiwan on Friday, the Taiwan Ministry of Transport said. And 146 passengers were injured in the accident. This is the worst train accident in Taiwan in more than three decades.

In total, the train carried about 490 passengers. They were on their way to Taitung, but the train derailed in a tunnel north of the eastern city of Hualien. Several vehicles collided with the walls several times.

So far, local authorities reported that rescue teams have freed between 80 and 100 people from the train’s first four carriages. The remaining passengers, however, will be difficult to free, as the four wagons on board have been damaged by the collision so heavy that rescue operations are difficult.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation. It is possible that a “truck improperly parked” is on the track. The passenger would have made the same claim on national television.

Prime Minister Su Tseng-Chang expressed condolences to the relatives. He announced that he would leave for Hualien immediately. Drama is also answered from the outside. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said Twitter To sympathize with the victims.

Taiwan was last hit by a serious train accident in 2018. Eighteen people were killed and 175 passengers injured when a train derailed in the northeast of the island.

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