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I’m running an LG UltraFine 5K on my windows gaming machine, and it’s working fine. Windows scales this down to 200% at first, but that sounds fine. The sound is also quite adequate, and the camera and microphone are very easy to put into the screen. LG’s USB-C connectors are pretty weak, so expect Apple to do a better job there at least.

You need a separate card that squeezes two streams of DisplayPort through a single TB3 cable. This is a little tricky at first. Asus calls it ThunderboltEX, and Gigabyte names that card after the chipset; So “TITAN Ridge GC” or something like that.
This card has two display port inputs. The card then picks up two DP1.2 (*not *1.4, important: LG UltreFine doesn’t support that) streaming in from your GPU, and puts the signals through the single TB3 cable.
Nice side note: audio, webcam, and brightness are transmitted via the thunderbolt to the USB controller. It’s great that it’s all about one cable. Someone even wrote a program for windows to adjust your brightness:…e-brightness/9n5mj2fq4gww

Note: The cable should not be too long. Then apparently having a bandwidth problem. 5K60 is no joke in terms of Gbit / s. My cable was half a meter long (or not properly insulated), then back to a single DisplayPort 1.4 (you can see it in the GPU outputs), 4096 x 2160 pixels. I’ve been working on 4K for a year or so and wrangled my mind why 5K wouldn’t.

Anyway, the whole story (also mentioned a bit in case someone else wants to do this in the future).

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Finally, it probably means that you can also attach this new studio monitor to your Windows machine, with all the conveniences it entails. Both screens have the same resolution and color streams.

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