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Music recognition service Shazam identifies more than 1 billion songs each month. That’s what Apple says, according to 9to5Mac and other US news sites. The service is also said to have recognized the 50 billionth song this month.

end of 2020 made Music recognition service Shazam claims to have 200 million monthly active users. According to 9to5Mac It is the most popular song at the time, Dance Monkey by Tones and I, which is still the most sought after song today.

At the latest release of WWDC, Apple revealed that it will provide Shazam API to developers in iOS 15 via ShazamKit. Other voices in developer apps can also be recognized via this API.

Shazam was acquired by Apple in 2017. Company then suggest Shazam will be a perfect fit for Apple Music services. The amount of the acquisition was not mentioned, but according to sources, this amount would have amounted to about 300 million pounds.

After a few months With Apple’s acquisition of Shazam, the European Commission has launched an in-depth investigation into the acquisition. Then the committee was concerned that the acquisition would allow Apple to obtain sensitive data about competitors’ customers. September 2018 Rule The European Commission has confirmed that Apple’s acquisition of Shazam will not harm competition.

Update9:30 pm: Introduction edited.

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