Antwerp Giants 2.0 COMPLETE: Brandon Anderson Portuguese League MVP, third American newcomer |  Sports nearby

Antwerp Giants 2.0 COMPLETE: Brandon Anderson Portuguese League MVP, third American newcomer | Sports nearby

Telenet Giants Antwerp is ready for a fresh start. The club made three (American) substitutions in a short period of time. After Spencer Butterfield and Dezonta Bradford, the club has now reached an agreement with American playmaker Brandon Anderson. Are Antwerp Giants 2.0 ready for Saturday’s league game against Brussels?

Antwerp Giants dropped to last place in the standings. He has lost six of his last seven matches. The only win came against third-division side Oostkamp in the Belgian Cup. Not exactly a measure of value. On Saturday there is a home game against Brussels. Will the giants get rid of the red lantern?

Lots of activity for the Antwerp Giants during the competition break. Three new Americans have been recruited. After Spencer Butterfield, a long penalty-taking winger, and Dizonta Bradford, a combo goalkeeper, the club has come to an agreement with Brandon Anderson, an American goalkeeper who can play in both the position of playmaker and winger.

Brandon Anderson (24) was active at Ovarense last season. With 17.0 points, 6.0 assists, and 4.1 rebounds, he was awarded the Portuguese League’s Most Valuable Player award. The 84-meter American moved to Hungary this season. In Kormend it only came into force once. Anderson arrives in Antwerp on Saturday.

great chastity

In a short time coach Ivica Skelin is seeing three new faces appear in training. Did General Manager Eddie Foss finish the big cleanup and homework?

“Let’s hope so,” says Eddie Voss. These changes had to happen. I notice a different atmosphere. On and off the field, in the dressing room. There is more focus on training. This gives the first indication. Now this has to translate to the field. And you must follow the results.”

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Spencer Butterfield and Dezonta Bradford are eligible to play in Saturday’s league match against Brussels. Antwerp Giants hopes to prepare Anderson to play the European match against Turkish Gaziantep, next Wednesday. Royce Hamm, who missed the last game in Aalst because of his grandfather’s funeral in America, is back in the group.

Goodbye Woodson

Meanwhile, Antwerp Giants bid farewell to Avery Woodson. His temporary contract will not be renewed. The match in Aalst was his final group match for Giant. Woodson arrived in August as a replacement for the injured Arik Smith. Earlier, Maurice Williams and Quentin Godin were also sent.

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