Another break in MAFS, experts will adjust the matching method |  RTL Street

Another break in MAFS, experts will adjust the matching method | RTL Street

Carlo Bouchard sits with the experts after the final discussions. It's been another special season, so there's a lot to catch up on. “Anne, you have bad news. It's about Jeffrey and Journey. What happened there?” Carlo asks expert Anne Campany. “They decided to break up,” she says. “Jeffrey was on vacation and noticed he didn't miss Journey. From there they started the conversation and decided to pull the plug after all.”

So there were only two successful couples left, namely Gibby and Jantine. Carlo believes that experts should take a critical look at themselves. “Did I make any mistakes?” Asked. “Yes, we definitely missed things.” According to expert Patrick van Veen, things get worse for older couples who stay alone longer. They find it more difficult to accept something from someone else, because they haven't had to take anyone into consideration for a while.

Experts will be using a new tool next season, because what matching couples often miss is cuteness. “We are working with a university of applied sciences to see if we can remove the unconscious part of the question ‘What do you find attractive?’ It can be measured,” Patrick says.

All of the candidates learned something from the program, although it was not always successful. The sun started to shine brighter for Bastian after the recordings. “One of the people I had been in contact with in the past messaged me asking: ‘Would you like to go out for a drink soon?’ I responded to that, so we will find out quietly and confidentially.”

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