Anne van Dam for Dutch golf for the Tokyo Games •

Although the Air Dam (25) did not meet the qualification requirements (ranking in the top 100 in the world on June 28), the NOC * NSF took into account the fact that the Arnhem woman was a serious obstacle in its qualification path this year. Govt 19 activities. As a result, it is unlikely that women in Europe will have the opportunity to play in many tournaments on the European tour and improve their position in the world rankings. According to the NOC * NSF, ‘If she had been able to travel that way, the chance that she would have met the national performance requirement would have been real’. “That’s why he deserves the exception rule.”

Large green egg open

Van Dam, currently ranked 123rd in the world, will play the least number of matches in the United States on the LPGA tour this season. To defend his position on that tour, he also had to cancel the opening round of the Big Green Egg Open, which will be played at the Rosendelse Golf Club from June 30 to July 3. “If I had gotten off to a good start to the season in the US, I would definitely have come to the Netherlands. But I had to focus on LPGA to raise the rankings, which is a priority now. It’s a shame, because I want to play in the Netherlands and of course in Rosendales,” Van Dam previously told GOLF.NL.

Golf in sports

In 2016, golf returned to the Olympic calendar. The Netherlands represented only Justin Lloyd in the men’s competition.
Van Dam is the first Dutch golfer to compete in the Olympics in Tokyo. ‘I am pleased to have the opportunity to represent the Netherlands in Tokyo. Last year, when the deadline for Olympic qualification was over, I met the requirements. Of course I would have liked to comply with those conditions this year, but I am pleased to take into account the NOC * NSF circumstances.

Dan Slutter, spokesman for the Big Green Open, spoke with Anne Van Dam, who lives in the United States today, about the great news and the big green egg open.

‘good news’

Geron Stevens, director of the Royal Dutch Golf Federation, is pleased with the NOC * NSF decision. ‘Dutch golf is good news, we as a sports club are committed every day. NGF, among others, is committed to reviving golf and increasing the number of women in our sport. It is now only a third of the number of golfers in the Netherlands. That’s why this week we’re also organizing the Big Green Egg Open, where Dutch talent gets to smell internationally and dream of following in Anne’s footsteps. ‘

Golf skills at Arnhem

This week, many European toppers and Dutch talents will be performing with special form at the Big Green Egg Open, one of the 27 matches on the ladies European tour (LED) calendar. The competition lasted 4 days and over 72 holes. Over the past two competition days, as tensions escalate, 30 young golfing talents will compete in airplanes with some of the best European golfers vying for the title at the Rosandelse Golf Club. Thanks to the experience of these players, young talents have the opportunity to gain experience at the highest level, and directly over-measure themselves.

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