Anger in the palace over Meghan Markle's political interference

Anger in the palace over Meghan Markle’s political interference

Meghan allegedly used her royal title to contact at least two Republican senators to request paid parental leave, a controversial policy in America. Prince Harry’s wife called Maine Senator Susan Collins, and West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito, who were surprised by Meghan’s summoning of them. “I have no idea how she obtained my number,” Shelley Moore said in a statement.

Susan, in turn, found it ironic for Meghan to introduce herself as the Duchess of Sussex: “I enjoyed talking to her, but I’m more interested in what people think of Maine.”

Meghan will use her title “out of context” in this way, which according to the British is not allowed. Buckingham Palace says the royal family “should have no say in US politics,” reports Sunday times. Under the constitution, members of the royal family are required to be “above politics” and remain neutral.

Harry recently got it wrong when he lobbied politicians about, among other things, high schools and complementary medicine.

Meghan’s letter to Congress last month, in which she called for paid parental leave, was also received mixed in on social media. In the letter, the former actress claimed she was speaking on behalf of millions of Americans, something that many have gone wrong. For example, one replied, “Because she actually spoke to all those millions of Americans before she claimed it? At least not with me. In addition, Congress started this issue a long time ago, and it’s almost as if they now want to make do with the hype.”

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When Harry and Meghan talked about the world this summer, it also caused a lot of criticism:

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