Android Auto from Google – Conclusion

Android Auto from Google – Conclusion

So the program will continue to work, even without updates, so that you always have the basic functionality

And what happens when a server, on which even the most basic functions depend, goes offline?

This is something the EU could get involved in, and it’s good at mandatory standardization across infotainment PC brands so that it can be upgraded.
Think of the standard versions of can busan automated copy of the internal HDMI and USB jacks, in exactly the same way you would replace your set-top box at home with a better one or from another supplier.

Hasn’t DIN and Double-DIN radio been a cool standard for years?

In the past, a car lasted an average of 10 years, which is the case nowadays average 19.5 years before they go to scrap.

Drive yourself in a 17-year-old Toyota Avensis that will surely last for a few more years, and only that Android head unit With an 11.5-inch screen bought, but it can be rooted, so I AFWall+ It can be turned on, to be able to severely limit Google’s home phone functionality and apps, because I’d like to use today’s tech conveniences, but that certainly doesn’t mean I want to give up my privacy for the sake of it.

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