André papt aan met getrouwde vrouw in Vegas

Andre is having an affair with a married woman in the United States

Andre Hazes travels to various cities in the United States, where a camera crew follows him to make a documentary about his life. But during his last tour, the singer would have had a little more fun with the director. “This girl is married.”

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According to Yvonne Coldweijer, Andre often carries a camera crew with him on trips to the United States for his documentary. The documentary was directed by Andre. He hires a production company and he pays for filming and self-monitoring, “he told his personal Telegram team.

Married director

They had already started that documentary when he was with Sarah Van Solan, the films the singer wanted to cut. What Andre wants to show is his discovery trip to the United States. He appeared to be alone when he last visited the United States, but according to Goldwijer, the camera crew was with him.

During that last trip Andre went to a Dua Liba concert. “During that concert, Andre kissed the director of his own documentary, Seru Mombay,” said Yvonne Goldweiser. “Then the next morning he came out of his hotel room with her and was spotted by a spy. But this woman is married.

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