André Hazes demonstrates a new form of relationship with Monique Westenberg: “Every place is our own” | Displays

André Hazes is very happy with the shape he has found in his relationship with Monique Westenberg. He says that in front of the camera RTL Boulevard. “We’re good parents to Dre and we don’t need anything else. It’s all right that way.”

The two have found “a model that works well,” according to Hazes. Monique Westenberg and the singer may not live together, but they are convinced that in this way they can still take good care of their son. “I have my place and she has hers,” Hazis explains. “I love her with everything I have and probably always should have. We are good parents to Dre and we don’t need anything else.”

Hazes is grateful that the two are now living together this way. “From the bottom of my heart she is the most important woman in my life to me.” “She has given me more love than I ever deserved and I appreciate that she always holds me like that.”

André Hazes recently declared his love for Monique Westenberg again with a kissing photo and poem. The woman with whom he has a son has been engaged, but has also left several times. It no longer seems clear. “You always gave me more love than I deserved,” Andre wrote on Instagram. You were there in the good times and you never let me down in the bad times. I always saw that there was still something good in me when I myself doubted it. (…) My heart is with you forever. And I will love you longer.

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