An American squirrel fills a pickup truck with thousands of nuts |  the cars

An American squirrel fills a pickup truck with thousands of nuts | the cars

A squirrel using his car as a stash for walnuts is nothing new to American Bill Fisher of North Dakota. However, he was shocked when he took at least seven buckets of nuts from his car this year.

In a Facebook post, Fisher shared photos of his pickup truck completely filled with black walnuts growing on a tree next to the parking lot. The squirrel did not leave an empty hole. Next week, he adds, neighbors can come and get walnuts from Fisher for free.

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Fisher says to Washington Post The squirrel made it a ritual to use his car as a hiding place when the walnut tree bears fruit. This happens once every two years.

“I have other vehicles that are very close to that tree, but it’s always the same truck,” Fisher told the American newspaper. “Once I parked it on the street on purpose, as far from the tree as possible, but the monster still managed to find the avalanche and hide the nut in it.”

big job

It has become a regular job for the American every two years to completely empty the car in the fall. In the meantime, he waits for all the nuts to fall off the tree before he starts them. Sitting there looking at me from the tree, Fisher laughs. “He must have been thinking that this is my friend my friend because I’m taking his winter supplies.”

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Red squirrels always hide all kinds of nuts in the fall to build a hideout for the winter. They sort different types of nuts by placing them in separate places. © Getty Images / Westend61

This year, the squirrel set a record. Where Fisher usually has to clean about four or five buckets, there were now seven. He even had to take off the bumper, because the squirrel hid his nut there, too. Still, he can laugh about it. “Dismantling a truck takes a lot of time, but I can’t help but laugh at it.”

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