An Air Serbia flight to Dusseldorf suffered severe damage due to runway overrun

An Air Serbia flight to Dusseldorf suffered severe damage due to runway overrun

During the departure, the pilots of flight JU324 did not use the full 3.5 km length of the runway, but performed a so-called crossover takeoff from D5, of which less than half the runway length was available. According to the Aviation Herald, the distance was barely 1.3 kilometres, which is very few for the plane.

Research must reveal exactly how this happened and who was at fault. According to Embraer, Length of Takoev field For the ERJ195 at full occupancy and fuel for a range of 500 nautical miles over 1.4 km. The distance from Belgrade to Düsseldorf is greater. There were 106 people on board.

Explosions and vibrations
The Embraer plane did not exit the ground until after the end of the runway, causing it to collide with the approach lights. Passengers heard an explosion and noticed that the plane was shaking violently. The plane then flew over the Belgrade area for approximately 45 minutes before returning to the airport.

More than a hundred passengers saw severe damage in several places when they left the plane, but Air Serbia claims safety was not at risk. It is not clear at this time whether the 15-year-old Embraer will be repaired or written off.

As a result of this incident, air traffic at Belgrade Airport was briefly disrupted and the landing gear level was temporarily downgraded.

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