Amsterdam is developing into the knowledge capital of Europe

Amsterdam is developing into the knowledge capital of Europe

Amsterdam is on its way to becoming the knowledge capital of Europe. Vrije Universiteit (VU) and Elsevier draw this conclusion from a study on the state of science, technology and innovation in the capital. An important reason for this development is Britain’s exit from the European Union, the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

says Michele Coleman, senior vice president at Elsevier and co-author of the research report.

on the right track

The research “Understanding Amsterdam’s Competitive Advantage” aims to highlight Amsterdam’s unique strengths and discover new opportunities as a city of knowledge, Says Miriam van Praag, President of the Executive Board of VU. “The results show that we are on the right track in Amsterdam.”

Amsterdam is not inferior to Cambridge

in search Among others, the so-called “research output”: the number of times researchers are cited in publications and international cooperation in technology and innovation. The results show that research in Amsterdam is not inferior to Cambridge, among other things. The capital is at the forefront of developing knowledge in the fields of medicine and life sciences.

world leader

In some areas, Amsterdam is a world leader. For example, researchers cite research being done in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to end extreme poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change by 2030. Amsterdam is doing particularly well in the areas of health, gender equality and climate change.

The flag of Amsterdam is also doing well in the field of international cooperation. Nearly sixty percent of Amsterdam’s research was co-authored by an international author, more than three times the European average. There is often cooperation with the business community.

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Artificial intelligence

The research also shows that the development of knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science is on the rise. Therefore, universities are investing heavily in artificial intelligence. This type of research has a significant impact on other researchers and is cited twice as often compared to the global average.

This is the second time this research has been published. The first edition was published in 2015.

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