American basketball top and rapper Snoop Dogg influenced by Amstelvin Kervala

American basketball top and rapper Snoop Dogg influenced by Amstelvin Kervala

12-year-old Kervalla Sylla from Amstelveen can play basketball so well that he is already world famous. video From boy-grossing rapper Snoop Dogg, known for songs like Drop it like it’s hot, he even shared it on his Instagram.

NH Nieuws meets the boy with his coach Sergio Blum on a basketball court in Amstelveen. They often train here in the summer. “At first I thought it was forged It was, “Curfla laughs.” When I went to search Instagram myself and saw it, I started screaming. I’m a big fan of his music.”

“Actually, Kervala didn’t even want to play basketball,” Sergio says. The coach at Millennium Basketball Club Amstelveen (MBCA) discovered Kervala when he gave a basketball clinic at his elementary school. That was just over a year ago.

‘Learn fast’

“He wanted to keep playing football. Then I called his mother and said, ‘You just have to try it.’ Now he just wants to play basketball.” Kervala is 1.83 meters tall. This is quite tall for his age and is useful in sports. The boy is also athletic and according to Sergio he can pass and shoot well. “He also has a lot of insight and learns quickly,” success coach Kervla explains.

The young basketball player has already played a training match for Real Madrid and received offers from several American clubs. Curvola remains somewhat uncertain despite its great success. “I really need to put the feathers up his butt,” Sergio says. “Because he often thinks that others are better.”

In any case, his coach has no doubts that Kervala will one day fulfill his big dream of playing in the most famous basketball league, the NBA. But he thinks he will be better off in European competition first. For now, Kervala will be inspiring youth basketball in Amstelveen for a while. Also today, a number of young boys see their example flying through the air, before dipping the ball into the basket with tremendous force.

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