Amazon Goes to Sports Stores |  BNR News Radio

Amazon Goes to Sports Stores | BNR News Radio

Amazon is making great strides in the sports world and is likely to be a major player in it. Marcel Berthuisen of the consulting firm Bigplans sponsor: “Sports rights are an exciting way to connect people with you.”

Sports has become an important platform for Amazon

Amazon has two video platforms, Amazon Prime and Twitch that many players watch and demonstrate their skills. They bought the latter for 970 million. They also do a lot of live sports broadcasts: They find that when people watch these channels, they also start ordering more from Amazon. For example, if you are a Prime subscriber, you will receive free home delivery.

According to Beerthuizen, Amazon itself buys in American Football, the English Premier League in the UK, the UEFA Champions League rights in Germany (including the sound rights) and the company is very large in India with cricket. Sports has become an important platform for Amazon. Sports Rights are a fun way to connect people with you. Beerthuizen does not consider it unreasonable that when Eredivisie’s contract with Fox expires in 2025, Amazon will be a candidate.

About sports and money

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