‘Allegations’ of a constitutional crime that are disastrous for Trump’s accusation

Washington DC

Inquiry into the allegations of the former President of the United States Donald Trump Local time will be Tuesday (9/2) afternoon. Prior to this, prosecutors called Trump a “tragic constitutional crime” committed by a US president when he provoked supporters to attack the Capitol building last month.

This was stated by members of Congress I.S. From Democrats who acted as managers or ‘lawyers’ inside Trump’s indictment.

As the AFP announced on Tuesday (9/2/2021), nine indictment managers in the U.S. House of Representatives insisted that the case should not be dismissed. This was stated in the final argument before the 100 senators who will serve as arbitrators in the Trump indictment.

In documents released just hours before the trial began, Trump’s lawyers called for the case to be closed. The U.S. Senate has “no authority” to question Trump, who ended his term on January 20, because he is no longer an active president.

Democrat indictment managers rejected the argument outright, insisting that there was “great” evidence of high-profile crimes and minor offenses that could be prosecuted.

“He incited a revolt against the United States government – which disrupts the peaceful transfer of power – the saddest constitutional crime a president has ever committed,” the Democrat indictment manager stressed.

“The indictment precisely accuses an offense that cannot be charged under the Constitution, is not subject to the decision to dismiss (the case) and falls within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Senate, which acts as a prison court,” they added.

The five-page document, which includes the indictment manager’s arguments, seeks to ensure that Republicans fall out of the same indictment section proposed by Trump, namely the incitement to revolt.

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‘Witness to impact of Capital tragedy, Trump faces second indictment’:

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