All Capitol Destruction movies are flawed from now on

All Capitol Destruction movies are flawed from now on

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It was a nice list of entertainment site excitement Four Years Ago: What Washington Landmarks Are Mostly Destroyed in Movies. and how?

Where the power lies, Hollywood has always been the most inspiring and the loudest.

There was Dulles International Airport, where the planes were raining Die Hard 2. and the Washington Monument, that 169-foot-high stone obelisk. Among other things, the victim of a pulsating green beam of a UFO in independence Day, by disaster film expert Roland Emmerich. The White House, of course, with eight signals high in excitement-List. We are calling 2012, swallowing the crust of the earth that suddenly rotates and ripples the presidential residence.

But the Capitol actually finished in first place. It has been flattened no less than nine times, in various ways. freezing cold (the day after tomorrow), and again aliens (Earth vs flying saucersAnd independence DayAnd Superman II) or heavily armed terrorists )The fall of the White HouseAnd Olympus has fallenAnd GI Joe: Revenge).

And then we don’t even count the parking lot next to the two-hundred-year-old People’s Representatives Building. It was also hit several times, for example by the rocket launchers of terrorists in Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard.

But none of the Hollywood screenwriters—not even the most intelligent—had the idea of ​​presenting the Capitol to a 32-year-old American in a horned fur hat, bare bark, fake spear, conspiracy theory tattoos, and red tattoos. The face is white and blue. And to get this guy — the nickname: Jake — just go on a march, chanting “USA,” and then sit in the vice president seat. And his friends are sovereignly watched, also dressed in bachelor party attire, as they refresh the interior. Or fall the handrail to take selfies.

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Of all the accusations leveled at Donald Trump after his four-year term in office, his peculiar impact on the movie world may not seem the most pressing. For example, there is global warming and the survival of democracy – more important things.

But we should mention: Trump is also disastrous for the image of the United States in the feature film. It’s urgent, as China approaches the world’s first cinematic nation. There, virus-free residents are now at ease with local patriotic films in well-stocked, reopened cinemas.

What can Hollywood do in return for a morale boost? Another plot about some North Korean terrorists? Or evil alien robots? There is no longer any honor in Washington.

The role of the president was a key component of the movement genre. That was a powerful figure who led the battle. Or a moron, if it’s a comedy. The first alternative is no longer acceptable. And Trump parodies don’t work, he’s always two steps ahead of every parody.

This is also Trump’s legacy. America of movies no longer exist.

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