Aid organizations strike work in Afghanistan because of the ban on women

Aid organizations strike work in Afghanistan because of the ban on women


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Foreign aid organizations have suspended their work in Afghanistan following yesterday’s ban on women working for aid organisations. The radical Islamist government of the Taliban said it imposed the ban because it had received complaints that women in aid organizations did not always abide by the dress code.

Aid organizations that employ women lose their licenses, but say they cannot do their work without women.

“We have adapted to all cultural norms, but we simply cannot do without our dedicated female staff, who are essential to reaching women in desperate need of relief,” said a spokeswoman for the Norwegian Refugee Council, an organization based in Afghanistan. Women.


US Secretary of State Blinken said the ban would have dire consequences for the Afghan people. UN Secretary-General Guterres described the ban as deeply troubling. “The United Nations and its partners are helping more than 28 million Afghans who depend on humanitarian assistance to survive.”

The ban is a new violation of the status of women. It has come under pressure since the Taliban took power in the country last year. Then they said that women are allowed to work and study, but within the framework of Sharia.

Since then, women have been stripped of all kinds of rights. They converted earlier this week University education ban imposed. There have been protests against this in cities and universities today. Was attending secondary education It has long been banned.

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