Na overlijden van zijn moeder wilt Lucas Torreira terugkeren naar Zuid-Amerika: “Ik heb altijd al gezegd dat ik voor BOCA wil spelen.”

After the death of his mother, Lucas Torera wants to return …

The 25-year-old Arsenal player is currently on loan to Atletico Madrid for a year. The Uruguayan now wants to be closer to his family after his mother’s death and has expressed a desire to play for the Boca Juniors team. Argentina’s superpower has had good relations with the midfielder for some time, so Torrera is likely to move to Argentina.

A recent corona eruption occurred in the native village of Torrera (Frey Pentos). “He struggled with the virus for eleven days, but I got a bad news Monday morning,” Torera said. “She’s 53 years old.”

Atletico Madrid, the midfielder got a week off. “I would have heard more, but I’ll be back on Sunday,” the emotional Dora told ESPN Argentina. “Life goes on. I have to do my duty.”

Not a tough decision

This was not a sudden response to his mother’s death. Dora has been playing for the BOCA for some time, but the death of his mother seems to be the trigger for his decision. “I always wanted to play for the BOCA,” Torera says. “When I got the news, my broker first heard it. I don’t want to play in Europe anymore. I want to go to Boca.”

The deal between him and Arsenal is still two years away, but Torrera believes an agreement can be reached between him and the BOCA. “I want to go there to be closer to my home and family,” Torera says. “I haven’t enjoyed my game in two years. Arsenal hurt me and I can’t play the way I want to at Atletico.”

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If it is up to Boca, Uruguay is welcome. “No one has called yet, but they have already sent me a jersey and I have also sent them the message of the match against Santos.”

“I want to play for Boca. My dad asked me. I’m going to do it too.”

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