AEX heads for small weekly profit |  Financial

AEX heads for small weekly profit | Financial

The AEX index was up 0.4% at 675.6 points around 4.15 pm. In the past two days, the stock exchange index lost more than 2%. The AMX index rose 0.7 percent to 993.5 points.

Britain’s FTSE 100 rose 0.1%. The German DAX and the French CAC 40 rose 0.5% and 0.4%, respectively. Renault is down 4% in Paris after an unprecedented quarterly loss of € 8 billion.

Market researcher Markit announced an increase in industrial activity in Germany for the eighth consecutive month. French factories registered the fastest growth since early 2018.

New York For Profit

In New York, index futures posted a slightly higher open for US stock market indices at 3:30 pm, after losses from 0.4% to 0.7% on Thursday.

Finance Minister Yellen reports that progress has been made in “implementing” the massive $ 1900 billion rescue package.

Investors seem to have taken some relief from the recent spike in global bond yields, which has particularly affected technology stock valuations.

This pressure mainly comes from the United States. Investors expected inflation to pick up in the second half of the year, with a strong economic recovery in addition to a large budget deficit, says strategist Vincent Goffins of JP Morgan Asset Management.


But this rise in interest rates is unlikely to increase more than 2%. In order to achieve an economic recovery – and certainly in the southern states – central banks will not allow interest rates to rise further as the current debt rises, “he says.

High interest rates are beneficial for banks, because they get a lot of their income from borrowing and lending. “This is not good for the rest of the economy,” said Juvyns, who remains positive about technology stocks, healthcare and companies embracing greater sustainability.

“Stock market finance is catching up”

“The financial data in the stock market in particular is catching up,” says trader Daam-Martijn van Holst of ABN Amro ODDO-Bhf. “Technology funds respond better to numbers of applied materials in New York on Thursday.” Many brokers and analysts are turning away from stocks; He says they’re on virtual road shows.

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Also, developments surrounding the Coronavirus have made investors decide to take a little profit after the impressive progress in recent months. Research shows that the latest variant of the aura that mutated in an alarming manner has now been found in 14 countries.

The British Pound reached its highest level in three years at $ 1.40.

The price of oil is down 2%. The market expects US sanctions on Iran’s oil supplier to be limited.

ASMI in trek

With major Dutch money ASMI With a profit of 3.6% in the lead. With this, the chip supplier is partially recovering from the blows in the past two days. Competitive Industry Competitor at AEX ASML 1.2% wins.

Supported by high bond yields, financial institutions rank first. EgonAnd the NN GroupAnd the Action at ABN Amro Gain 2.9%, 1.7%, 1.8% and 1.7% respectively.

Payment processor Convicted 1.4% wins.

Galapagos Falls to the bottom behind the data analyzer with a loss of 1.2% Relx (-1.4%). The biotech company is going to check out its development pipeline, after some tough covering.

Food and detergent factory Unilever It gives 0.6% rate.

Fugro down

With medium sized funds, the supplier goes to the chip sector iron With a 4.9% increase in the lead. Not his quarterly numbers as much as his first-quarter projections are in line with investors.

PostNL 2.5% wins.

Food delivery person Just eat takeaway It increases 0.7%. Topman Jitse Groen sees profit in a major UK court decision on Uber employees. As Just Eat Takeaway has been doing for some time now, they need to be employed.

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KLM Air France It increases 1.7%. Bank of America slightly lowered its target price, on advice without changing performance. There is only a chance for a recovery in 2023 and 2024, Boa says.

Fugro It fell 7.3%, after reporting a big loss for 2020. Investors are blaming the soil researcher too hard for not having a concrete forecast.

SBM abroad 2.7% deleted.

beanie Kendreon It adds 7.3%. The electromagnetic component producer posted better than expected quarterly figures and the proposed earnings were well accepted by investors. However, investment bank Degroof Petercam sees no reason to amend its retention advice.

Sort Up 3.8% after a strong gain on Thursday after the release of cjfer. ING saw this as a reason to increase the automation company’s target price to € 3.60 with unchanged buying advice.

Annual results of the nut and seed supplier Amsterdam Goods (Acomo) was rated negatively, and the stock was down 1.6%.

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