A white dolphin lost in the Seine gets a dose of vitamin

A white dolphin lost in the Seine gets a dose of vitamin

This writes Agence France-Presse. The white bug is currently swimming in a stretch of water between two locks about 80 kilometers from Paris. Mammals with a length of 4 meters are very emaciated and weak.

The dolphin is located far from its natural habitat in the Arctic Ocean, although the species has been known to occasionally wander in southern waters. Animals can survive briefly in fresh waters such as the waters of the Seine.

No appetite for trout

Rescue workers unsuccessfully tried to feed the white dolphin, including frozen trout and herring. The nonprofit Sea Shepherd says their French team has been around the animal all night, “but it ignores the food given to it.”

The hope is that the beluga will regain its appetite for food thanks to the vitamin injections. He needs the energy to survive the 160-kilometre return trip to the sea.

If vitamins do not work, then consideration will be given to manually returning the animal to the ocean, but rescuers suspect that the beluga will survive in this case.

This isn’t the first time a large aquatic animal has swam in the Seine. Last May, an orca was seen in the river, and it did not survive the drift.

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