A traditional coronation of Charles III with a more modern look |  Coronation of King Charles

A traditional coronation of Charles III with a more modern look | Coronation of King Charles

Although formally the head of the Christian church is the British monarch, a church service in honor of Charles III’s coronation will be attended by Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh leaders as well as traditional bishops.

It will be a culmination that should reflect the diversity of society today, Archbishop Justin Welby, the Church of England’s spiritual leader, said in a statement. With this, Charles wants to show that he wants to be the king of all residents of the United Kingdom.

Bishops will attend the ceremony for the first time. Psalms and prayers will also be sung in Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic, as well as in English. “I pray that everyone who participates in this ministry, whether religious or not, will find ancient wisdom and new hope that brings inspiration and joy,” Welby said.

With these new elements, Charles wants to express that the thousand-year-old monarchy is still relevant in a far more diverse country than it was seventy years ago when his mother, Elizabeth, took the throne. After all, a recent poll showed that less than half of Britons call themselves Christians.

behind a curtain

During the official part of the service, the Archbishop of Canterbury will anoint the king with oil. It is made with fragrant olive oil from the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem. During that sacred moment, Charles would be shielded from television cameras so that only a few high-ranking clergy would see the anointing.

A Lambeth Palace spokesman said: “When the screen around the coronation chair is removed, it shows us the King who has taken upon himself the responsibility to serve God and people.”

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It was also the first time that the people were given an active role in the ceremony. People all over the world will be asked after the ceremony to pledge allegiance to Charles. This “tribute of the people” – which Lambeth Palace says will be a “chorus of millions” – replaces the “tribute on equal footing” in which other nobles swear allegiance to the new king. The archbishop will say: “Whoever wishes, in the monastery and elsewhere, say together:“ I swear allegiance to your majesty and to your heirs and successors according to the law. Help me, God.”

Then an orchestra will play, and then the archbishop will say “God save the king” and ask everyone to answer: “God save King Charles. Long live King Charles. May the king live forever (May the king live forever)”.

After Charles receives sacred objects from representatives of the Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh communities, the new king will be solemnly crowned with a 2-kilogram St. Edward’s crown on his head, after which “God Save the King” will appear. After that, Charles will take place in the Gold State coach and will show himself to people with Camille.

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