“A scholarship in America optimally prepares you for the rest of your career” |  Sportnext

“A scholarship in America optimally prepares you for the rest of your career” | Sportnext

If a talented athlete does not succeed in immediately becoming one of the best, what advantages does a scholarship offer for a later professional career?

“A scholarship gives you the opportunity to continue your career for a longer period financially. Not all top athletes shine at a young age. Some tennis players need longer to develop their game. Some golfers need longer to master techniques.” High-end sports are expensive. A scholarship can relieve some of the pressure so you can continue to pursue your dream: making the most of it.

“There are many examples of professional athletes who have played in the college system in the past. More than 60 of the top 100 professional golfers in the world have played college golf. If college tennis were a country, it would have the most players in the world. Best 300 players on the ATP Tour in all countries.”

“Every year, many football players, basketball players, NFL players and baseball players are recruited to join the team Professional leagues. In America, the college system is also viewed as the premier pool of professional athletes. During the 2016 Rio Olympics, the US team consisted of more than 500 athletes. Over 400 came from the college system!

“A great example from the Netherlands is our swimmer Nils Korstanje, who swam a world record and then left for NC State University, but still works closely with the Dutch Swimming Federation. Tennis star Ariane Hartono won the NCAA individual championship last year and less than a year later, We became top 10 players in Holland and won international tournaments. Footballer Wouter Verstraten transferred from PSV Eindhoven to the University of the Pacific through us and was selected for the MLS Combines. Now Wouter is working with us to give new footballers the same opportunity. These are huge, great stories that we as a company would love to contribute to!”

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