A loose rhea was found at Nieuw-Palinge.  ‘During capture attempt, two die due to stress’

A loose rhea was found at Nieuw-Palinge. ‘During capture attempt, two die due to stress’

Those who have driven along the N374 near Nieuw-Paulinge in recent weeks may have been surprised to see a loose Nando.

This flightless bird from South America escaped some time ago. According to reports, the animal has not been captured so far RTV Trente . A resident across the street from Montingerveld told the broadcaster that he had already seen the bird several times. “He’s been here for over a week. It’s really an attraction. A lot of people stop to see it.

Animal Ambulance North and Central Trento has already reported the escaped Nando on Facebook. The owner is known and belongs to Drijber. A spokesperson for Animal Ambulance has learned that a total of three nanthos escaped. These animals are very sensitive to stress. During the capture attempt, two died due to stress.

Smaller than an ostrich

Rheas resemble ostriches but are much smaller. In addition, they have different legs Wildlands website . This bird is found among pambas in South America, where they live in open plains between bushes. These animals are allowed to be kept. According to Wildlands, rhea will eat anything they come across and are very popular as pets.

A flightless bird cannot fly, but it can run fast. ‘When they flee, they can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour,’ reports Wildlands. Last year, a great white rhea escaped near Ancertennen minutes after its proud new owner bought it.

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