A Dutch foundation is demanding billions from Facebook over privacy violations

A Dutch foundation is demanding billions from Facebook over privacy violations

This is the issue for which Facebook was fined €265 million last year by Irish privacy watchdog DPC. A few years ago, the data of more than half a billion Facebook users around the world was leaked to hackers, who then stole it and offered phone numbers for sale.

According to SOMI, Meta “largely violated privacy legislation by giving unauthorized persons access to Facebook users’ personal data.” More than 5 million people in the Netherlands are said to have been affected by the spill. The Meta Foundation also accuses Meta of mishandling user data for years.

According to SOMI, each Dutch user should receive a compensation of €500. The foundation believes that compensation should be €1,000 for each Dutch user affected by the data breach in April 2021.

Meta’s spokesperson in the Netherlands could not be reached for comment. The US headquarters has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Tik Tok

The case against the popular app TikTok revolves around collecting children’s data so that they can view targeted ads without properly asking for permission. Parents believe the app does not properly protect their children’s safety and privacy, and according to a previous statement from SOMI, they want total compensation of around €1.4 billion.

The substantive case against TikTok has not yet been considered by a judge. According to SOMI, this will likely happen next year.

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