90,357 Dutch voters are registered abroad

90,357 Dutch voters are registered abroad

90,357 Dutch voters are registered abroad

90,357 Dutch people living abroad have registered to vote for the European Parliament election on 6 June. This group is larger than it was in the previous elections in 2019, as it numbered 63,517 people. A larger number of voters registered for the recent House of Representatives elections, 109,000. Then nearly a thousand votes arrived in the Netherlands too late to be counted. Unfortunately for D66, this party is very popular among the Dutch abroad and has lost a seat.

Voting from abroad is mainly done by letter. A few hundred people have chosen to delegate someone in the Netherlands, or vote in the Netherlands. Voters who live in the Netherlands but are abroad during the election can apply to vote by letter until May 10. 529 Dutch people did so.

Postal votes will be received in The Hague municipality until Tuesday, June 11, five days after the polls close in the Netherlands. The results of the postal votes will be announced on June 12.

Most Dutch voters live in Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. Turnout among the Dutch abroad was higher at 56.1 percent in the previous European elections than among the Dutch in the Netherlands, where 41.9 percent voted at the time.


Election declaration in the European Parliament in Brussels Reuters/Joanna Giron

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