3FM DJ Timur Perlin Pauses Making Radio |  Displays

3FM DJ Timur Perlin Pauses Making Radio | Displays

Timur Perlin will temporarily stop doing radio on NPO 3FM from October. The radio station announced it on Tuesday. 3FM DJ is taking time off to do something else.

“I find it very difficult to say goodbye to the most beautiful radio station in the Netherlands,” says Perlin. “But I feel like I have to take one more step to give my life a new direction (big or small). And I’m so looking forward to it!”

3FM station manager Menno de Boer thought it good that Berlin had dared to choose for himself. “It shows courage when you take time off to do something completely different,” says de Boer. ,, I wish him a lot of success, but above all a lot of fun in the coming months on vacation. We hope to hear from him again on the channel soon! “

Perlin can be heard on 3FM since 2008 and since then she has presented various programmes, such as Open Radio with Rámon Verkoeijen. He has also created popular podcasts such as Flirt Je Stijf and Mama Appelsap. Last year Requestival was made.

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