#326 “You tricked someone who was already kidnapped!”

#326 “You tricked someone who was already kidnapped!”

Maud had a great week in Ibiza with Gio, although she did run into Joey. It turns out he has a girlfriend, and is also the father of Rocella’s baby. Maud is not feeling well. She meets her friend to discuss the matter. Meanwhile, a dance event in Amsterdam is just around the corner.

I’m really upset. My date with Rochella turned into an argument and I didn’t feel good all week. As soon as I walked in, Rochella immediately confronted her with the fact that Joey had a girlfriend. I saw in her mind that she had known this news for a long time and when I confronted her about it, her color turned bright red. Before she could say anything, she became angry. “I don’t understand why you only tell me half the story every time, Roche,” I told her angrily. “I’m one of your best friends and I almost punched Joey because he walked out of the bathroom with a random girl. Turns out that was just his girlfriend. So, not only did she cheat, she cheated on someone who was actually kidnapped. ‘And you framed him with a baby!’

I don’t think I should have said “saddle up.” Rochella became angry. How did I come up with this word and what prompted me to get involved in the first place. Finally, I said I also wondered why I was interfering in her life in the first place. “I have enough drama in my life without needing to add your bullshit. Figure it out,” she snapped angrily. Then I left.

When the worst of the anger subsided a few days later, I actually felt bad. And while my favorite week was just around the corner. Dance event in Amsterdam. I texted Rochella and tried to call her several times, but she didn’t answer. Just give up, I told myself internally. But the stomach aches that had been running through my body all week told me I cared too much.

Last Friday it was time to go to the woods. It was raining cats and students. The cheerful festival outfit I had in mind was completely ruined by the thick jacket and raincoat I had been wearing almost all day. I laughed a lot when I saw Jessie, who was also fully dressed and wearing a hat, ready for the festival. “We’re like two bums!” I shouted, but when I entered the festival grounds and saw several people dressed similarly, I didn’t care anymore. Until the last minute we danced wildly among the revelers in one of the tents where the harshest techno music was played. I was drunk a lot, but I kept it up. The music, the few wines and the atmosphere were enough to keep us entertained throughout the evening. How wonderful that was!

The next day, the weather wasn’t much better as Gio and I dropped Liam off and got ready for our party in North Amsterdam. It’s in a place I’ve never been before; Gio bought the tickets and I asked him countless times where they were and what kind of music they contained, but he didn’t want to reveal them. “Just wear something a little sexy,” he smiles. I look at him with wide eyes. “What are you planning to do again, Geo?!” Then I shouted laughing. “Just say what we’ll do!”

“No Maude, let yourself be surprised for once!” He shouts laughing. I have no idea what to wear, but I decided to wear a corset-like top with baggy leather pants. I put my hair in a tight ponytail. Of course, the outfit will be covered with a thick jacket, because it’s pouring rain outside when we leave. I have no idea where Gio is taking us and he still doesn’t ring the bell when we arrive at the warehouse over half an hour later. Don’t know this whole place?!

“Gio, what kind of party is this?!” I shouted, now rather angry. We could have been at a big techno party with a famous DJ that you never see before in the Netherlands, but my friend decided to take me to a small, unknown party in a warehouse in an industrial area in the north.

He smiled mysteriously and gently pushed me back toward the warehouse entrance. “Just wait, Maud,” he shouted. With a tickle in my stomach of nervousness, I walked towards the entrance with Geo behind me. I walk into the warehouse nervously. When I see what’s behind the doors, I feel my heart beating. Now I suddenly understand why Jiu wanted to keep this a secret until the last minute…

Maude (24 years old) loves parties and travelling. She works in the editorial office of a magazine. Maud is in a relationship with Gio and has just given birth to their son, Liam. You can read about her adventures every week in a new episode of Maud’s Night Book.

#325 ‘I wonder who’s telling the truth..’

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