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2021 Olympics Games – Weightlifting

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the unofficial Olympics 2021 (or is it 2020?) Here in beautiful Tokyo, countries like America, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and South Korea are vying for Olympic glory in 4 different events. With a combination of strength, speed and endurance, the contestants will have to push their limits for first place. The events are:

– Weight lifting

– marathon

– to go up

– 400m race

This year’s Olympic flame will be lit by the first Japanese competitor to win a gold medal at the Games, the 54-year-old Toyota 2000 GT. Loudly from the audience, the games officially started.

Weight lifting

In this event, participants will have to show their true strength. The rules are simple, the winner is the one who can move the most weight over an obstacle. Because of the 2016 doping scandal, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to pickup trucks. But now let’s look at the contestants.

United States of America

Ford Expedition

No unofficial records will be broken this year. After the Ford Super Duty F-450 scandal that Towed 16,782 kg Set a new record but obviously deceived, the US hopes to calm things down by bringing in SUVs. However, they are staying with Ford by going into the 2021 Ford Expedition. Both expectations and eyes are on the United States.


Audi Q7

Audi can keep the honor high by presenting its powerful sportsman the Audi Q7 gaming. With a supercharged V6 engine in the near future, the Germans are aiming high in this segment.

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Renault space

France does not have a rich history in this field and this is clear. Due to the lack of specialists, other sports were sought, resulting in the participation of one volunteer. Espace Renault will take on the daunting task of maintaining credit for La France.


Lamborghini Urus

Traditionally not a country knows how to develop great athletes in this field. However, they seem to have found a candidate to compete with the Lamborghini Urus.


Nissan Armada

As the host country, Japan obviously wants to do well, and they have a nice outsider ready. Despite its young age, the Nissan Armada is ready to make Japan proud.

South Korea

Hyundai Palisade

As a relatively newcomer, South Korea does not yet have a long history with the Olympics. The Hyundai Palisade that still lacked experience was selected to enter. An unknown force but very eager to prove itself.


After the sharp first match, it is America that takes the gold again! Host nation Japan seems to be making it difficult for the Americans, but they will still be satisfied with the silver medal. In third place is Germany, which has a narrow lead over Italy in the bronze medal. South Korea and France remain at an appropriate distance in places 5 and 6.

1. Ford Explorer 4200 kg

2. Nissan Armada 3850 kg

3. Audi Q7 3450 kg

4. Lamborghini Urus 3150 kg

5. Hyundai Palisade 2250 kg

6. Renault Espace 2000 kg

So after the first round, the medal table will look like this:

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But this is just the beginning of the 2021 Autolympic Games. Be sure to tell us which country you support. For now, we are eagerly looking forward to our next event, the Classic Marathon.

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