2 Unlimited singer Anita Duth attacks ex Ray: 'I'm tired of being cheated on' |  RTL Street

2 Unlimited singer Anita Duth attacks ex Ray: 'I'm tired of being cheated on' | RTL Street

Anita Doth (52) has slammed her Unlimited co-star and ex-boyfriend Ray Sligngard (52). A documentary about the dance show will be broadcast tonight on NPO 3, but according to Anita, it is full of lies. I'm tired of the pranks and trickery now. “And these daggers in my back too,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Ray had such a soft spot for all women's interests that it was best to let each other out.”

In non-profit organizations it stinks 90s dance And on Thursday evening, the focus will be on 2Unlimited, with which Anita and Ray have been making waves for three decades. The singer did not participate in the episode in question, but Ray did. On the show, according to Anita, Ray claims that he was still in a relationship with her at one point, even though it would have been long over at that point.

“We had a good conversation and Ray had such a weakness for getting all the attention of women that it was better to let each other out.” Anita points out Ray's repeated cheating. For example, in his autobiography, he said that he had a relationship with Katja Schurmann.

Anita also claims that Ray says in the documentary that they had to keep their relationship secret from their record company. According to Anita, it was “no diktat at all.” “In fact, we had more freedom and artistic input than most dance acts at the time. (…) We were nobody Dolls They had to listen.

Anita says Ray used this as an excuse “not to have a relationship.” “Now suddenly it was interesting to pretend to be Anita's husband, instead of the little boy he was acting like.” She angrily closes the Instagram post. “This is my life's work.” I gave my youth, everything. Show some respect.'

Anita and Ray initially formed the band 2 Unlimited from 1991 to 1996. The duo scored hits – outside of the Netherlands – with songs like “Get Ready For This,” “No Limit,” and “Twilight Zone.” They performed sporadically in the following years. They got back together in 2009, but Anita left the group in 2016. The two had been feuding with each other for several years.

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