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A fresh take on 'The Interception'


That’s the total number of interceptions in the NFL this season on passes thrown from the 1-yard line.

Well, at least it was until Malcolm Butler picked off Russell Wilson with 20 seconds left to play in the Super Bowl.

I don’t need to get into the specifics here. Three days have passed since the Pats hoisted the Lombardi trophy and so if you haven’t already seen the play you’re clearly not a fan of America’s favourite helmeted fist-fight, the one they affectionately call football.

BUT, you probably haven’t seen the play from this angle – and here’s why you should:

In all the excitement to brandish the decision to pass on 2nd and 1 instead of handing the ball off to Beast Mode as the worst play call in Super Bowl history, many sports fans are missing out on one very important point. Malcolm Butler made one hell of a play.

From this angle it’s clear to see how Wilson felt Lockette was open for the game winning score. Butler jumped the play with such precision that you’d think he’d called the play himself.

The call, of course, is still questionable at best – but let’s give credit where credit is due. Pete Carroll didn’t lose this game, Malcolm Butler won it.

Following the game, Tom Brady had a very big thank you in store for Mr. Butler. While Tom and Gisele surely already own a few sweet rides, the gesture still shows how appreciative New England’s QB is of the guy who saved his fourth Super Bowl win.

The challenge now for Malcolm Butler is to make sure he doesn’t go the way of Timmy Smith. Smith famously went from Super Bowl hero to has-been after shocking the Broncos in Super Bowl XXII with a record 204 rushing yards and two TDs as a rookie…and then going on to do basically nothing for the rest of his time in the NFL.

Smith never again found the spotlight and following a disappointing career he was arrested and sent to prison in 2005 for selling cocaine to an undercover police officer. 

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