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It’s finally that time: rosters are set, training camps are about to begin and it’s time to start judging NBA basketball again!

The final moves of the offseason are here and the trade deadline is nearing before the start of training camp. And with that, Las Vegas has released the win totals lines for all NBA teams.

So let’s look at what teams stand where, and whether you should expect more or less than Vegas has predicted, now with the West.

Dallas Mavericks – 35.5 Wins

The Mavs had a late end to free agency, with Nerlens Noel signing his qualifying offer at the last minute after some lackluster interest. That’s good news for the Mavericks, who retained the talented big man for cheap. They’ve got some ncie young pieces, adding Dennis Smith to possibly start at point. Still, this team is young, and that’s normally not a recipe for winning close to 40 games, and this may be a bad year record-wise.

Verdict: UNDER

Denver Nuggets – 45.5 Wins

The Nuggets got the splash of free agency by somehow convincing Paul Millsap to leave Atlanta and come mentor Nikola Jokic. This team is incredibly young, but they’ve already gotten some lumps. They sure are fun to watch, and that has some people feeling the Nuggets. Still, this roster is uber talented, but has a Timberwolves of last year vibe to them. I’m not sure they are that much better than .500 right now in that conference.

Verdict: UNDER

Golden State Warriors – 67.5 Wins

Do I really need to talk about this? The Warriors won the NBA title handedly, somehow resigned all of their free agents, and even added Nick Young and some other pieces like Jordan Bell. This team is again the heavy favorite, but let’s get down to brass tax. The Warriors seem more likely to me to coast for a while this year with their competition getting worse: they don’t get this close to 70.

Verdict: UNDER

Houston Rockets – 55.5 Wins

The Rockets made the move of the offseason, trading a myriad of players for superstar guard Chris Paul. That puts two All-NBA players together in Houston. But here’s a hot take: I’m not sure that makes them better. Paul moves Harden out to his old position, and the offense gets less potent. Houston is still really good, but I’m not sure they look as crisp as last year. Pencil them for closer to 50.

Verdict: UNDER

Los Angeles Clippers – 43.5 Wins

The Clippers were on the other side of that deal. And as such, many expect LA to fall off a cliff. Not so fast my friend: the Clippers got Blake back, added an actual SF in Galinari, and got a really good point guard in Patrick Beverley. This team is no where near dead in the water, and I actually think they have a chance to be better than last season.

Verdict: OVER

Los Angeles Lakers – 33.5 Wins

The Lakers made some moves this offseason, shipping out D-Loading and adding Brook Lopez. They also drafted Lonzo Ball and brought in KCP to ease the burden. Their win projection is eight games better than a year ago, and that’s a little bit of a reach. But I think I like this roster, and I do think they are getting closer to a .500 team.

Verdict: OVER

Memphis Grizzlies – 37.5 Wins

Now this starts getting hard. The Grizzlies lost Zach Randolph and appears to be moving on from Grit and Grind. They hovered around a .500 team a year ago, and that was on the back of Mike Conley. They’ve still got two All-Star talents in Gasol and Conley. But without Allen and Randolph? It’s just so hard to win the West.

Verdict: UNDER

Minnesota Timberwolves – 48.5 Wins

The Wolves are finally here. And by here, I mean that they are here for your judging potential. Jimmy Butler has arrived, and they added Teague to bet the point guard. They can’t shoot much, but this is a stud starting lineup. Wiggins and Towns are going to be asked to grow up, but there is reason to be excited. And I’m buying the hype.

Verdict: OVER

New Orleans Pelicans – 39.5 Wins

The Pelicans are getting their first real try out of this Davis-Cousins experiment. The problem is how thin the rest of that roster is. Still, provided that Holiday is healthy, this lineup is really, really good. And it should be, it’s got two All-NBA players on it. Davis and Cousins can get this team to .500.

Verdict: OVER

Oklahoma City Thunder- 50.5 Wins

The Thunder had an historic season last year watching Russ just dominate the league. They hovered a little above .500. Now, they’ve upgraded Oladipo for Paul George. That’s a heck of a jump. In response, Vegas thinks they’ll jump about five games to a fifty win team. That really feels right, and I actually think it might get higher than that.

Verdict: OVER

Phoenix Suns – 29 Wins

The Suns are still deep in rebuild mode. They’ve added Josh Jackson to the fold, but they’ve lost Brandon Knight for the year. That means less depth for the youngest team in the NBA. 29 wins is not a lot of a projection, but I think this team is still worse than that, Devin Booker 70 pieces be damned.

Verdict: UNDER

Portland Trail Blazers – 42.5 Wins

The Blazers are in a weird spot. They aren’t rebuilding, but they’ve traded Allen Crabbe away. While not a huge piece, they didn’t add anything else in value. But still, they’ll get a full season of Nurkic, and Lillard wills this team to the playoffs each year. Expect them over .500.

Verdict: OVER

Sacramento Kings – 27.5 Wins

The Kings are in full rebuild mode. They are young absolutely everywhere on that roster, with rookies and young players everywhere. I know I should go under, but this team is just really, really fun. I like this team a lot, and I think they can get to 30 wins.

Verdict: OVER

San Antonio Spurs – 54.5 Wins

The Spurs stood pat over the summer, adding just Rudy Gay to the roster. That could be a big addition, but most of this may just come down to how healthy the can stay. Kawhi Leonard will see more time on the bench this year, but Gay is added depth. They don’t really care about regular season record, but 54 seems low for them.

Verdict: OVER

Utah Jazz – 41 Wins

The Jazz lost Gordon Hayward and George Hill. They brought in Ricky Rubio, but I don’t know. This roster is really solid, and really deep. But that scoring is hard to replace, and where do you see it coming from? Aging Joe Johnson? Or is Rudy Gobert going to put out career numbers? I’ve said before: it’s hard to win the West.

Verdict: UNDER

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