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In what was arguably one of the best Game 7s in the history of the NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers earned some time to celebrate, if not to finally take a breath. There was no room for error as Cleveland became the first team in NBA history to come back from a 3-1 deficit, against the returning champions that just set the record for most wins in a season, no less. History was made, and each player has a way of celebrating it. Emotional post-game interviews aside, the Cleveland Cavaliers are enjoying their well deserved victory.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ brief post-game ceremony would be met with Golden State boos, as is natural for an away game of this magnitude. This, however, did not stop the team from having the time of their lives in Vegas on the way back to Cleveland.

Timofey Mozgov

The Russian big man did not get much playing time this series, but he was still a much-needed depth presence on the bench. He celebrated the win first with a victory post-game burrito. Hey, when you’re 7’1 and 276 pounds and hunger hits you’ve gotta eat. He would then go into the Cavaliers locker room and enjoy a nice cigar while holding a Cavaliers championship belt.

JR Smith

JR Smith’s emotional post-game interview didn’t leave a dry eye in the room as he thanked his parents for helping him get to the point of becoming a champion. One would think JR’s introspective and teary-eyed demeanor would continue for the night. Nope, this is JR Smith we are talking about. A few hours later, the Cavaliers squad made a pit-stop at XS in Las Vegas. It wasn’t long before JR Smith was shirtless covered in champagne pouring an entire bottle on a girl and being the life of the party.

LeBron James

The expression heavy is the head that wears the crown rang true as LeBron couldn’t hold back tears after finally clenching Cleveland’s first championship he personally promised. It should be noted that LeBron James, who was raised by a single mother, brought home a championship to his city on Father’s Day. The Vegas celebration had LeBron sipping on champagne and having a good time, but nothing too wild. I’m sure one of the first things on your mind after the adrenaline and focus wears off is the closest bed.

Kyrie Irving

The shooter who sealed the series with a dagger three in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter, and a close second to LeBron James for finals MVP, joined the team in Vegas. As a 24-year-old celebrating a Finals win with the likes of LeBron James, JR Smith, and Kevin Love in Las Vegas, Irving has an experience that all men in their early 20s would die for.

Kevin Love

Kevin Love would go full Stone Cold Steve Austin and wear an Austin 3:16 shirt for his postgame interviews, and then per Stone Cold Steve Austin ritual bust two beers over his head and drink them like the animal he was supposed to be for the series. What concussion, right?

Matthew Dellavedova

It’s been a long year for Dellavedova, who faced Steph Curry one-on-one when the Cavs played them in last year’s Finals. He got his just desserts this year, without the pressure of having to guard the best shooter in the NBA for seven games straight. Dellavedova became the sixth Australian to win an NBA title and is making his country proud.

The true celebrations will start in Cleveland, Ohio, as the city has got some thanks to give to the Cavaliers for ending its 52-YEAR dry spell of any major sporting championships.


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