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Zoom video conferencing service has acquired ZoomOSC and ZoomISO plug-ins from LEMAL. Two of that company’s founders will also work at Zoom. The tools are intended to be video production tools for virtual events.

he met ZoomOSC Zoom technology may be associated with third-party software and hardware. This works with the Open Audio Control Protocol and allows, for example, to send video feeds from Zoom directly to video production hardware and software. Limal makes a free version and a Pro version that costs $35 a month.

Also ZoomISO Get in the hands of Zoom. This is macOS software that creates an individual video feed of participants in a Zoom meeting or webinar. LIGHT charges $249 to obtain a license for this software.

Zoom writes It recently acquired both add-ons from Litality and two of that company’s co-founders will also be working on the video conferencing service. The agency says the acquisitions were to improve Zoom events. This platform for organizing virtual conferences has been available since last summer. It is clear that Zoom will integrate the add-ons into its own client, but nothing has been announced about this yet.

ZoomOSC Pro
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