Zelensky confirms: “I will stay in Kiev” • School closures in Ukraine for two weeks

Zelensky confirms: “I will stay in Kiev” • School closures in Ukraine for two weeks

“It is heartbreaking what Putin is doing,” Prime Minister Rutte said at the press conference after the cabinet meeting, at which he discussed the Russian attack on Ukraine and the Netherlands’ response to it. “Yesterday there was another shock wave after the Russian invasion of Ukraine – a dark day for Ukraine, Europe and the whole world. This morning we woke up again with the poignant images of Russia’s incursions into Ukraine.”

According to the prime minister, the Russian attack is essentially an attack on Ukraine, but it affects Putin much more than just that country. “It is also an attack on international law, the rule of law and awareness of relations between states,” Ruti said, adding that he telephoned Ukrainian President Zelensky this afternoon.

Yesterday, Zelensky spoke with European leaders via video link. This made a huge impression on Ruth personally. Also during today’s phone call, Root was clear that the Ukrainian leader was not in a safe place at the time. “Now I realize that this friend of mine, of course I know him well, is personally threatened.” He said he was not sure if he would see the Ukrainian leader again.

Ruti did not want to speculate on how serious the danger was for Zelensky, but said his thoughts and prayers were with him and that he wanted to help him. The Prime Minister emphasized that this support does not consist of military intervention.

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