Wilfred Genee

“You’re going to get sick anyway!”

Wilfred Jenny still doesn’t want a booster injection, even though everyone can have it since their birth year. His suspicions are strong. “You see a lot of people are still getting sick.”

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As one of the few Dutch knowns, Wilfried Jenny has been critical of vaccines against the coronavirus for some time. That’s why his colleague Johann Derricksen calls him “Wabi Jenny”. After a long hesitation, Wilfred got his first two shots, but now he was having a hard time getting a booster potion.

“Just do it, Wilfred!”

And according to Wilfrid, the Omicron variable is not so bad. “Would it really be that serious? In South Africa it’s been said again that it’s not that bad with the Omicron, but it shows quite differently in the Netherlands,” he says on his show The Friday Move on BNR Nieuwsradio.

Wilfred doesn’t want a booster at all. “I doubt it, I admit it.”

Then his guest Jean Paternott said, “Just do it, Wilfrid.”

So many doubts

Wilfred hesitates and doubts. “I also had doubts with the other two, because I felt like they had guaranteed us that we couldn’t actually get anything. Now you see a lot of people are still getting sick. I also want to know what all the side effects of these injections are.”

Jean: “Did I bother you too much?”

Wilfred: “Ja”

Jean: “Well, the virus is changing and this is a new variant that pierces that protection a little bit. Those vaccines still work well. If you have the booster, your chance of ending up in the hospital is much lower.”

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“May I doubt?”

Wilfred is upset because he is often placed in a wabi corner. “Can I still have this doubt or was I judged at that time?”

Jean: “You may have this doubt, but please: keep your faith in science, and science is crystal clear: it helps.”

Wilfred: “And it doesn’t matter if it is developed much faster than a vaccine that should be developed naturally? Which could?”

January: “Yann Paternott Says: Trust the Science, Wilfrid.” This is the most important thing. “

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