Your Samsung Galaxy battery with One UI 5.1 drains fast?  Solution!

Your Samsung Galaxy battery with One UI 5.1 drains fast? Solution!

After updating to One UI 5.1, many Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 users have complained about the battery draining too quickly. Samsung itself will now let you know the possible cause – and therefore the possible solution.

Samsung Galaxy with One UI 5.1 battery is draining fast: the reason

When Samsung started bringing the Galaxy S23’s One UI 5.1 interface to older devices in February, several bugs soon appeared. One of these factors was the high power consumption, which persists on some devices for some time after the update. Users with the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 FE in particular seemed to be affected by this, but ultimately the bug seemed to be present on many devices.

It took some time, but it is Samsung Thailand Which now confirms the most likely cause Battery drain. will be a copy of it Samsung keyboard Which is implemented by default in One UI 5.1. The feature related to stickers and emojis may contain a bug that causes the app to consume a lot of power.

the solution

If the high power consumption on your phone is really caused by a buggy keyboard app, then the solution is obvious. Update the app in Galaxy Store Update to version The respective bug has been fixed in this release.

It’s true that updating these types of apps happens automatically on most devices — unless you set it differently yourself. So that may be Samsung keyboard on your phone automatically in the days or weeks after you update the app. The latest version appeared in early March.

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So we ourselves are not 100% convinced that the keyboard is the only culprit in this. But partial solutions are, of course, part of the solution.

Does your Galaxy also have version of Samsung keyboard Still experiencing battery draining faster than it was before the One UI 5.1 update? Let us know below!


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