Young women in particular jogged more often this year

Young women in particular jogged more often this year

In the Corona crisis, the world is more walking, cycling and running. This is evidenced by the 2020 annual numbers of the Strava sports platform. Or the world? Women in particular recorded significantly more activities.

Strava is an app that now 73 million people around the world enroll in their walking or cycling trips. For example, they track how many kilometers they run, how fast they run and whether they are more fit. Worldwide, Strava users have traveled more than 13 billion kilometers this year. The challenge of running the 5 km was especially popular among sprinters. More than a million people participated.

Young women aged 18-29 in particular were able to provide more activities, according to the end of 2020: 46 percent more than last year. For other age groups, this quarter is higher than last year. Men charge an average of 10 percent for extra activities.

More secure

One reason, according to Simon Klima, Marketing Director at Strava, may have made it safer on the streets due to the Corona pandemic. He said, “It got calmer, so the women got off earlier.” Watchman.

No figures have been released for the Netherlands. Women in one of the countries that use the most Strava network, the Netherlands, are also expected to start cycling and running more during the Corona crisis.

It’s also possible that more women are starting to use the app. It could also mean good news for the Netherlands with regard to medal chances in major sports. For years, women have offered the most medals in the Olympics, among other things. Because society is more athletic, the chance for talent increases.

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