You won't easily find saxophonists with a better voice than Oded Tzur

You won’t easily find saxophonists with a better voice than Oded Tzur

Jasper van Vogt And the Misha Andreessen

Angel Olsen
great moment

The cliché says that great personal suffering is beneficial to the artist’s work. American singer-songwriter Angel Olsen has had her share in the lead-up to this powerful sixth album. Her father died the day after her discharge, and her mother followed her soon after. And then there was heartbreak. on me great moment She sings grief and loss in ten warm, comforting songs that never get depressed.

cruel country

Suddenly there’s a new Wilco album. Without much fanfare, but what a class the band is showing off about Jeff Tweedy here. on me cruel country The band is immersed in the concept of the state: as a musical genre (read: Wilko’s familiar voice has a slight penchant for country) and as a political theme. This produces no less than 21 songs of beautiful music, along with lyrical reflections on the current state of the United States.

Joel Ross
like a poet

An impressive record with which vibraphone player Joel Ross has once again proven to be one of jazz’s most important new talents. His seven refined compositions captivate the listener thanks to their masterful play with beautiful gospel-infused rhythms and melodies. Then there’s also the well-enviable band, Strong Eight, who can play above them with top talent such as Altwist Emmanuel Wilkins and trumpeter Marquis Hill.

Prashant Samal

on me Visitors Young Dutch guitarist Prashant Samal lavishly sprinkles artistic masterpieces. Fortunately, they never undermined the power of the compositions. The result is an atmospheric album that will stay with the listener for a while, thanks in part to Samuel’s beautiful guitar sound.

blank image

Oded Tsuru

It’s hard to find saxophonists with a better voice than Oded Tzur’s, if they ever existed. Make him reach his new record Tsuru His five-track ensemble is deep and impressive with its degree of sophistication as well as its pervasive emotionality.

Avishai Cohen Trio
moving sands

Fortunately, after a trial period in which he did a pop album, guitarist Avichai Cohen has already returned to his base. on me moving sands As usual, he combines very skilful playing with sad and lyrical melodies (happily he doesn’t sing it this time). The interaction of this unlikely trio overlaps not only with Cohen himself, but also with pianist Elchin Shirinov in excellent form.

the elephant
big thing

Elephant singer Frank Chalkwick reassuringly sings “I’ve got the medicine / To make you feel again.” This is what you get when you start the band during the first close. The four-piece Rotterdam indie band talks about the “hugely sunny gloom”. Accurate writing. big thing Relaxed, light and contains melodies that creep under your skin. Although the latter may also be due to the repeat button, which seems to have been invented for this record.

Metropolifonica Blue Flamingo Statue

Metropolifonicablue flamingo statue

blue flamingo

Dia Ertekin has brought together three great collectors of early forgotten music, which he explains with extensive research. In addition to being a DJ and ethnomusicologist, he is also a musician and singer. Metropolifonica It is his first appearance. As with groupings, it looks for intersections between cultures, species, and epochs. This results in a diverse summer record in which the whole world comes together. Gorgeous, as summer approaches.

Michael Finstra
Introduction to Riveter Records

A collector’s record from the true enthusiast for the true enthusiast. The idea is simple but effective. Michel Veenstra simply put six of his favorites together into a single song and EP. All songs are mysterious, and each has its own charm, including gems by Jules Don Police and saxophonist Gianni Basso.

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