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Everyone dreams, but how much you remember varies from person to person and per night. “But dreaming is a good thing.”

“This way, it gives your brain everything it still needs to process somewhere and prepares itself to start a new day,” explains sleep expert Inge Declercq. in HLN. “So if you remember your dreams, it could be a sign that your brain has a good ability to recover.”

It also means that your sleep quality is good. There are studies that show that you sleep better if you remember your dreams. And that you’ll also be more creative the next day,” says Declercq.

However, there are also studies that claim the opposite. “It could be a sign of disrupted sleep, if you remember your dreams. Suppose the cat in the house briefly wakes you from REM sleep several times during the night. You remember your dreams, but after that interrupted sleep, you wake up naturally less rested.”

Very vivid dreams can also be a sign of stress. “If you receive a lot of stimulation during the day or are very emotionally sensitive, your brain may also be overstimulated at night and have a lot of processing. This can lead to more intense dreams or more interrupted REM sleep. And in the worst cases of nightmares or Insomnia “.

If you’re dreaming more than usual, you may have suffered from a lack of sleep the previous nights. “We see this, for example, in people who had to get up very early and missed a piece of REM sleep,” says Declercq. “The next night they often end up in their first REM sleep faster. You may then feel like you’ve been dreaming more than usual.”

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sources): HLN

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