"You don't know what to say!"

“You don’t know what to say!”

Last night – as so often on talk shows – it happened Rain About nitrogen problems. Talk show host Renz Klammer discussed the siege in the distribution centers with former Secretary of State Fred Tiffin and farmer Dolph Hiccup on his new show RTL 4. But the clash between the farmer and Maxim Hartmann was the main setting the tone.

Farmer Dolph Hiccup said On the new talk show Rain about peasant protests. Not all actions, such as closing distribution centers, were justified. He added, “But whatever we do, the plans continue. There is absolutely no solution.” So he understood the desperate actions of the farmers in the distribution centers.

This led to the necessary discomfort in Maxim Hartmann. “You say, ‘I don’t endorse it. But you look proud when I saw the pictures. I saw a smile,’” said BN’er admonishing. Those comments sparked a heated argument between the farmer and Maxim Hartmann, Which, by the way, often bumps into people

The words of the farmer do not enter with Maxim Hartmann

Well, maybe I like it, said the farmer. “The main thing is that we, as a whole agricultural sector, are doing something. We also went to The Hague, where farmers sometimes had to travel for a whole day. All Holland is in rebellion. But does politics awaken? No.”

This was not the case with Maxim Hartmann. “Protest doesn’t always mean you have to go your own way! You can make yourself heard, but the whole country is affected by that,” the farmer charged. “How many farmers are there in the Netherlands? 53,000? How can they disrupt an entire country?” he asked aloud.

Farmer: You don’t know what to say

Then Fred Tiffin joined the conversation. This appears to be the case for a moment. But Maxim Hartmann is not yet done with farmer Hiccup. The latter told the talk show a few minutes later that the nitrogen schemes in their current form offered no prospects for farmers. He also finds it pointless to start a conversation. “We are allowed to talk, but the plans should not be tampered with.”

Meanwhile, Maxim Hartmann was again disturbed by the farmer’s words. “You say, ‘We have to go on.’ But that’s the point, cultivators are not allowed to go on! You have to accept that. He said angrily. Boyer-Hickup’s reaction was incomprehensible. ‘So you really don’t know what you’re doing with the farm business.”

And the farmer continued, “If you dare say this, you don’t know what you’re saying. You talk about all our companies. We really don’t let that take us away! I’m a 100% farmer. I don’t know better than I wanted to be a farmer. And I don’t know better than I will still be a farmer.”

Maxim Hartmann to Farmer Hiccup: “Just nonsense!”

Yes, the retraining will be radical, the frank Maxim Hartmann once shared his opinion with farmer Hiccup. “But you have no right to be a farmer. Do you understand? Where did this idea come from?” the farmer pointed to the permits. “We have them to keep our animals.”

“Yes, but the permits have been revoked,” Hartmann said. “Well, you say it very easily. You say, ‘We stop at these farmers. So you really don’t know what you’re saying,'” said Hiccup. Just nonsense! If society tells you we no longer need it, you should stop.”

Viewers are very divided over the clash in Renzi

Just as opinions are diametrically opposed to Nitrogen Crisis, viewers are also deeply divided over Maxim Hartmann’s performance. If one person thought the Dutch celebrity was a “disgusting jellyfish”, the other would obviously be happier with his harsh words against the farmer.

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Viewers find Renze Klamer’s presentation on the talk show “Relief”: “Let the Guests Finish”

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Maxim Hartmann quarrels with a farmer in Renzi: “You don’t know what to say!”

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