You do not have to activate this new functionality in iOS 16.2 (Update)

You do not have to activate this new functionality in iOS 16.2 (Update)

Update 12-22: Apple pulled the new home design due to user complaints about malfunctioning smart home devices. This means that it is no longer possible to update your home at this time.

iOS 16.2 has finally been released, but it has a new feature that you just don’t have to activate. You should pay attention to this.

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iOS 16.2 new feature

Apple has iOS 16.2 released a rather huge temporary update. For example, there’s a brand new app, Freeform, with which you can brainstorm ideas with friends and family on a blank canvas. Apple Music also now has a new Sing function, which turns a large portion of your music library into true karaoke. In short: it’s not just a security update!

But there’s also a new feature in iOS 16.2 — and iPadOS 16.2, watchOS 9.2, and macOS 13.1 — that you should watch out for. This relates to the Home app, which you use to control your smart home devices (HomeKit). If you activate the new function, you can just lose control of lights, thermostats, smart plugs and more.

You should pay attention to this

But what is this new job? It’s about a “new infrastructure” for a house. In other words: a major change in the code, which should ensure that the Home app runs faster and more efficiently. The problem with this architecture is that it is not Compatible with the previous generation He is. If you move your home, Apple devices that you haven’t yet updated will not be able to power your smart home equipment.

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Apple Home Upgrade

You will automatically receive a notification about the new build when you update to iOS 16.2, but you can also find the relevant functionality yourself in the Home app. In the app, tap on the ball with the three dots at the top right and go to Home Settings. Scroll down here and select Software Update. You’ll see a notification at the top: “Home upgrade available.” When you click Learn more and continue, you’ll see which Apple devices you still need to update to work with the new build. So don’t hit refresh anyway: you’ll lose control of your smart home on all of those devices.

When can I activate the job?

Once you’ve updated all of your devices to version 16.2, or in the case of your Mac to 13.1 and your Apple Watch to 9.2, you’re ready to apply the new build. Can the device not handle the latest update because it is no longer supported? Hence, it is very important to simply adhere to the ancient architecture of Woning. This way you can continue to power your smart home with your old device.

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