You can see this on Radar – Radar on Monday, April 24th

You can see this on Radar – Radar on Monday, April 24th

Radar can be seen on TV again next Monday. This week we look at European plans for a law requiring reforms from manufacturers of electronic products. How, exactly, does this work? We also spoke to Henricke, she paid for the hospital in 2022, without being in the hospital that year. what is going on? Finally, Fons is investigating the source of the influx of complaints from communications provider Delta.

The New European Law: The Right to Reform

The Netherlands wants to have a circular economy by 2050. In other words: everything must be reused. But the products degrade quickly and are often beyond repair. Or it can be fixed, but ends up on the trash heap. That is why a law was drafted at the European level that would force producers to do things differently. For example, manufacturers will also be required to repair broken equipment outside of the two-year statutory warranty. But nothing is specified about the amount of costs, for example. What exactly does the new law mean? And how much do we really want to fix the hardware instead of buying something new?

Many complaints about telecom service provider Delta

It’s raining complaints about Caiway and Delta, the television and internet providers for DELTA Fiber. Emails and reactions on the Radar forum and bad reviews on Klachtenkompas and Trustpilot. Complaints vary: about poor connectivity, bad customer service, modems not delivered and uninstalled fiber. People especially are unhappy about communication. Everything seems to be going well. And what will Caiway do to solve the problems?

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I didn’t go to the hospital in 2022, but did I pay for it? how is that possible?

It’s been a problem for years: the DBC system. Hospitals record diagnosis, treatment, and costs in what is called a Diagnostic Treatment Group (DBC). The hospitals then pass these costs on to the health insurance company. Because of the dbc system, patients sometimes pay deductibles for a year in which they have not received any care. Many people try to plan their care in such a way that deductibles are not lost unnecessarily. So is Henry. Since she wasn’t in the hospital all of 2022, I thought she didn’t incur any costs that year. However, the cost of the January 2023 hospital appointment was billed out of the 2022 deductible. How could that be, and more importantly, how could you know?

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